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1.    Where are your products manufactured?
Shenzhen, China.
2.    What are your production capabilities?
Varies, as we do bring in our temporary labor force for large orders. Typically around 20,000 units per month. But it can be increased if a project requires so, but might increase cost.
3.    Do you have your own engineers?
Yes we have very experienced engineers that can suggest and guide you with unanticipated problems, to help prevent future issues.
4.    What are your R&D capabilities?
With the exception of software development, we can assist with the entire hardware process: prototyping, design, manufacturing, outsourcing, etc.
5.    Can we visit your facility?
Yes. Our factories in China are for production, California facility handles administrative tasks.
6.    Why isn’t Spinel that active on social media?
We mostly provide parts to manufacturers that are active for introducing their products on social media. It is mostly finished products that require publicity.
7.    Why isn’t there much review on Spinel products?
We respect credibility, and refuse to write fake reviews. Most reviews are for finished products with thousands or millions of different clients. Only a small percentage of people actually take the time to write reviews. We do hope that our clients would take the time to share their experience online, to better guide us with their feedback, and also educate the public and future potential customers about their experience with Spinel. We never ask for reviews, but would appreciate it, and we are sure future prospects would also appreciate to know past clients experience so they know what to expect.
8.    Have you had any lawsuits filed against you?
No. We have never had a lawsuit or a negative online review.
9.    Have you had unsatisfied clients?
Yes. Just like every business. We are a professional organization and we always try to handle the complaints seriously and work with clients to resolve the original problem. Our satisfaction rate is very high and we have never had a client stay unsatisfied.


1.    What products does Spinel provide?
Serial JPEG Cameras, USB Cameras, Network Cameras, and other related products, including enclosures and cables.
2.    What are your quality control measures?
Every unit is tested to client requirement before packaging and delivery.
3.    How long does it take to develop a new camera module?
Typically around 3-5 weeks from start date.
4.    How much are the cost for developing a new camera module?
Typical fees range between $800-$2000 for new product development. This can vary depending on complexity and requirements of the project.
5.    What customizations does Spinel offer and what are the costs?
Full customization of products is available. Customizations to our standard products include: lens, cable, housing, etc. Cost may vary depending on the requirements. Typically, there is an additional $20 customization fee per unit for orders less than 10 units. This customization fee can be waived for orders of 10 or above.
6.    Do you offer software development services?
We are a hardware company. Software development should be done by programmers. All of our protocols are available to the public in our website download section. Some sample codes are also available for reference.


1.    Where can Spinel products be purchased from?
Currently products can be purchased directly from our online store or by contacting us, Amazon and eBay.
2.    What are minimum order quantities for customized orders?
There are no minimum orders. However customization fee applies for orders less than 10 units.
3.    Do you offer discounts on bulk orders?
Yes. Typically 10% off for orders more than 10, 20% off for above 100 units, this rate might vary for different part numbers. Larger orders please consult with us.
4.    What are the payment terms?
Payment is to be received before production begins
5.    What methods of payments are accepted?
Credit card, check, PayPal, and wire transfer.
6.    Do you offer net 30 day payment terms on purchases?
No. Most of our products are custom built, and payment needs to be received for all components and assembly before start of production.
7.    Can I order out-of-stock products?
Yes, we can provide you with lead time for availability. We do manufacture to order. Products may be shipped directly from China or from our US facility. Products shipped from US might take an additional 1-2 weeks of lead time.
8.    Do you have distributors?
We have recently opened up to working with distributors. If you are a distributor and interested in reselling our products, please contact us at info@spinelelectronics.com.
9.    What are your warranty policies?
We offer standard warranty on all our products against defects in materials and workmanship under manufacturer suggested use by the original purchaser for one year after the date of purchase from us. SPINEL MAKES NO OTHER EXPRESS WARRANTIES.
10.    What are your return policies?
Standard products with no modifications can be returned within 30 days of purchase. Customized products do not qualify for returns. We encourage customers to start with samples/prototypes, before placing large orders.


1.    Do you offer technical support for your products?
Yes. Best method is to contact us via email, with supporting documents, and details. Having the issue explained in writing can result in best communication. We only offer limited support for software problems. You can call us also if desired.
2.    Do you offer OEM/ODM services?
Yes. From design to branding and packaging. Contact one of our consultants to discuss your project.
3.    What shipping methods are offered?
All shipment methods: DHL, FedEx, USPS, and UPS.
4.    Do you ship internationally?
Yes, we ship globally.
5.    What support can you offer entrepreneurs at early stage of a project?
We support early stage projects. They receive all of our resources, including help with design of finished product. We do have partners that can offer full design, and help with prototyping and manufacturing of almost any camera related product, at reasonable costs.
6. Is there a consultation fee for discussing new products?
No. We provide free consultations and are happy to offer advice that can help.